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Johnny’s Garden was started as a way to share healthy food with our community. Johnny’s Garden is named after Carll’s grandfather Johnny Gowdy who passed away in March 2013, six months before we opened. Kimberly had just recovered from being sick for 10 years by juicing, and we hoped cleaning up his diet would make him feel better. We bought our first Vitamix to try and show Johnny what was possible by adding fruits and vegetables to the diet. He wouldn’t accept it. He didn’t even try it. He just couldn’t believe that diet affects health. He thought he was just getting old. After he passed away in a way not fitting of the kind of man he was, we were angry. We were angry at how preventable his illness seemed to us. Seeing the benefits Kimberly experienced firsthand, it made the decision to open a juice bar all the more evident. Whether it worked or not, we were going to share the secret of whole raw fruits and vegetables with anyone willing to try them. We signed the lease in faith on April 2013 with no restaurant experience or any experience owning a business. We just felt it was needed. On September 2, 2013 Johnny’s served its first drink, and the rest is history. We have been blessed to hear stories of how eliminating the wrong foods and adding the right foods have changed lives, but we have been even more blessed to see the changes ourselves. And with all the gratitude in the universe, we want to say “Thank You” because of all the lives that have been changed in this juice bar, it is ours who have changed the most. We appreciate you allowing us to be a part of your journey, and thanks for supporting us in ours!!!

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